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Stargazing at Ambiente Sedona

Stargazing at Ambiente

Stargazing at Ambiente Sedona is the rare city that’s ideal for stargazing. Dark and clear nights, no light pollution, and thinner air (thanks to a

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People hiking in Sedona

Hiking Sedona

Hiking Sedona Sedona is a day hiker’s heaven, with 400 miles of trails winding through a landscape immortalized by filmmakers and artists. An uplifting, feel-good

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Ambiente Sedona

Sedona as Art Mecca

Sedona as Art Mecca When artist Max Ernst saw Sedona for the first time in 1941, he recognized it immediately. He had been painting it

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Red Rock

Red Rock Country

Red Rock Country Invariably, the first question out of the mouths of visitors is, why are the rocks red in Sedona? Approximately 20-square-miles of mammoth

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