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Authentic elements of traditional spa, earthy textures, clean ingredients, and modern innovations are artistically intertwined to create distinctive spa experiences.


Follow the mystical wind chimes transcending the spiral staircase to Velvet Spa, a transformative escape where each of your senses will be awakened as your personal spa story unfolds.

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Preview the magic of Ambiente Sedona through our immersive virtual tour. See our grounds, restaurant, spa, rooms, and surrounding views. 

Chapter One

Aromas are very personal, often reminding us of a magical place or experience. Your story at Velvet begins with your selection from our flight of six unique ZENTS scent blends that will be artistically integrated into each of your treatments. You also have the option to select our Unzented fragrance free products. You will receive a vial of your blend as our gift at the end of your treatment to carry your liquid memory with you.

Choose From


Strengthening and Grounding


Balancing and energizing


Soothing and cleansing


Comforting and Calm


Warming and invigorating


Euphoric and stimulating

Massage Therapies

Take a moment to allow your body to speak to you with one of our massage therapies. Velvet offers options to customize traditional massages to elevate your experience including specialty massages that incorporate tools and techniques to address specific areas and your personal needs. 

Traditional Massages

You will have the option of a Classic Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage for the following services.



Hydrating cashmere oil conditions and replenishes the skin while an infusion of biodynamic flower essences calms the nervous system and promotes a sense of overall well-being, harmony, and happiness.



The ultimate combination of skin care and massage. An intensely hydrating quench concreta reconditions the skin while balancing your physical and emotional self.


Immunity Boost

A deeply hydrating massage with shea, skin immunity re-energizing peptides, and probiotics to reboot overall wellness for skin, body, and spirit.

Specialty Massages

These massages use tools and techniques to address specific areas and your personal needs.


Athletic Detox

Unlike a deep tissue massage, this sports massage is a more targeted pressure point treatment. Arnica and warm stones are used in specific areas to provide deeper release of muscle tension and toxins, rebuilding flexibility and performance potential.


Ancient Salt Stone

Warmed salt stones are rhythmically massaged over your body to provide deep muscle release. Your mind will enter a very tranquil space while renourishing your skin and physical being.


Adventurist Ritual

After a day of exploration, luxuriate in a warm, soothing foot soak, followed by leg and foot reflexology to refresh, and rewind your mind and body. Extend your treatment to include a soothing and hydrating hand treatment.

Body Treatments

Velvet Spa’s body treatments are intentionally designed to enrich the sensory experiences unique to Sedona.


Desert Dreams Cleanse

After warm arid days spent in Arizona, your skin will treasure this mineral rich body treatment. A luscious, warm, and nourishing oil application is followed by a gentle buff of shea butter infused with sugar and salt to revive your skin and unveil your glow. A deeply nourishing quench concreta is applied to dry areas to soften and protect your skin.


Sedona Sacred Clay Wrap

Rich and regenerating warmed red desert clay is artfully painted on your skin with a soft brush to stimulate your senses. You will then be cocooned in a warm, cozy blanket and savor a relaxing hand and foot massage. Spirits will be uplifted, leaving you in a state of deep relaxation, while luxuriant, hydrating quench is applied to your body to rejuvenate your skin and mood.


Timeless Body Wrap

Hydrating shea and age defying and firming paracress extract are melted, and then painted onto the body with long, relaxing strokes. Next, your body is enveloped in a comforting blanket while you are treated to a soothing and nourishing scalp and neck massage infused with biodynamic flower essences to calm mind and body. You may choose a dry or warm oil hair treatment for your scalp massage.


Ultimate Zen

The most relaxing, refilling, and hydrating quench treatment, tailored to you. This luxurious experience includes a scrub, wrap, scalp, and neck massage followed by a full body massage. This shea butter intensive treatment brings healing to every part of the body for a heightened state of relaxation and wellness. Elevate this amazing treatment with the healing benefits of CBD products for an additional charge.


Our CBD wellness services are designed to target specific goals you may have for improved health and well-being. Incorporating the highest quality full spectrum CBD products available, our treatments can start you on a path of improved sleep, pain and stress relief, reduced inflammation or heightened everyday vitality.


Harmony Massage

Bring harmony to the body with this CBD and arnica enhanced service that cares for tired muscles, soothes skin, and restarts the mind.


Age-defying message

Access all the mind/body benefits of CBD alongside an infusion of age-defying biodynamic plant extracts to recapture the essence of hydrated, youthful skin.


Balance Wrap

After a sun-soaked day of hiking, help the body recover with this CBD and arnica infused wrap that cares for tired muscles, soothes skin, and balances body and spirit.


Relief Massage

Deliver soothing relief to the whole body and target attention to sore back, joints, hands, and feet with gently warming, tingling arnica and cayenne along with CBD, reloading your body in preparation for another day of exploration.


hand & foot reset

A visit to Sedona includes a great deal of walking and hiking activities. Relieve muscle aches and ease tension with this gentle and deeply relaxing CBD treatment. A warm and calming foot soak is followed by a nurturing hand and foot massage to replace hydration and leave you feeling refreshed.


This specialty menu of services is designed to safely take care of the physical and emotional needs of Mama-to-Be during this incredible journey. Note: Must be in at least the second trimester to experience these treatments.


Babymoon Massage

This gentle massage provides relief from the aches and pains of pregnancy. Our specialty trained therapists will use a cushion system specifically designed to provide ultimate comfort during this massage. This experience includes an application of our hydrating, healing, and firming Unzented Concreta to the belly and hips to help reduce the signs of stretch marks.


Babymoon Body Polish

A luscious, warm organic oil application followed by a gentle buff with shea butter infused with sugar and salt returns vibrancy to dull skin and unveils your glow. A deeply nourishing and hydrating balm is applied to soften and protect your skin from developing stretch marks. The 90-minute experience includes a 30-minute massage.


Babymoon Foot Ritual

Enjoy a relaxing, soothing soak with ultra-moisturizing shea butter, Epsom, and arnica to help relieve tension and manage swelling in the feet. A gentle sugar and salt shea butter infused foot polish removes dry skin and then an ultra-hydrating butter balm is applied to soften the soles of your feet.


Babymoon Delight

The ultimate retreat for Mama to Be! This experience begins with a warm foot soak and gentle polish to care for sore and swollen feet. Then enjoy a relaxing organic shea butter and healing massage to relieve the aches and tension in the body while soothing and revitalizing the skin. This retreat features an ultra-gentle application of concreta to the belly and hips, to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and soothe dry itchy skin.

Energetic Experiences

Tapping into the body’s energy pathways can be a very transformative experience. Our experienced team is eager to introduce you to this type of wellness, or to expand your current energy balancing practice.

Weather permitting, reiki and cranial services can be performed on your atrium rooftop for an additional $105 per person.


Natural Flow Reiki

Reiki is a healing treatment intended to stimulate the body’s own healing mechanism by creating optimal energetic flow. Feel a light touch of hands on key areas of your body to guide the flow of energy, opening these pathways. This treatment can also be performed with no physical touch as the energy flows through the open space between the therapist’s hands and your body. This natural flow will leave you feeling lighter and recharged.


Cranial Sacral

Enjoy a gentle and soothing treatment during which a light touch is applied to your head, spine, and sacrum to release blockages and stimulate the healthy movement of fluids through your central nervous system. As your energy pathways are realigned, you will feel a reduction in pain and a release of tension. 


Celestial Chakra

This powerful treatment incorporates many modalities including sound bowls, traditional massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, moon shaped crystals, and gentle energy work to reawaken your senses, bringing your seven chakras into balance.


Energy Exploration

This experience is intended for those of you who are interested in energy work but may not be ready to devote an entire treatment to it. You will begin with a relaxing massage and then seamlessly transition into cranial sacral and/or reiki energy work at key points of your treatment to revitalize you physically and energetically.

Couples Rituals

Velvet has created a menu of experiences designed specifically for couples who wish to share moments and their spa time together.


Couples Escape

Reconnect with your partner loved one in one of Velvet’s intimate couples’ suites. Your escape begins with a deep soak in our warm and effervescent Japanese soaking baths. Relax and rejuvenate the body and mind during a full body classic or deep tissue massage, paying special attention to the shoulders, arms, and hands to open your heart and invite energy flow between you during your special time together. A complimentary beverage completes the celebration of your relationship.


Couples Energy

Discover the possibilities as you and your significant other explore the healing power of energy work together. As a couple, choose one of the energy experiences Velvet Spa offers. Reaffirm your intentions collectively as a couple and as individuals. This unique experience will leave you with a heightened awareness of yourself and your partner. Inquire about the options for couples’ energy on your atrium rooftop for an additional charge.


Ultimate Duo

For the couple that wants to experience ultimate indulgence together, we have created a luxurious treatment in your favorite aroma that includes a scrub, wrap, scalp, and neck massage followed by a full body massage. Side-by-side your bodies will be nurtured, and you will feel deeply relaxed, allowing you both to simply focus and appreciate this sacred time you are sharing as a couple. Enhance this experience with the healing qualities of CBD for an additional charge.


Couples Massage

Renew the special bond you share with your significant other during a harmonious side-byside massage. Treatments selected should be a similar type and the same length of time to create a synchronized experience.


Couples Body Treatments

Prepare to have your skin repaired and your mind calmed during your selection of one of our nutrient and hydration rich body treatments performed in one of our couple’s suites. Please choose the same type and length of treatment to create a ritual like escape.


Our curated facial services personally address your skin imbalances and restore harmony. Modern technologies are coupled with ancient traditions and clean ingredients to replenish your skin health and further protect it from environmental stressors. The result is a remarkable, noticeable glow.


Essential Facial

A profound sensory experience, our Essential Facial is a blissful journey that restores balance and radiance to your skin through potent natural botanicals. A gentle, enzymatic exfoliant and sonic dermabrasion technology polishes your skin to a luminous glow and a custom mask addresses your skin’s unique needs. Leave with your skin deeply nourished and noticeably refreshed.


Enhanced Facial

Our Enhanced Facial addresses specific concerns through technologies that diminish the apparent effects of aging and environmental toxins. A natural acid peel is chosen for your skin type, gently resurfacing your skin for a radiant glow. A custom selection of LED-light therapy deeply heals and rebalances your skin. Leave with skin that looks youthful and


NanoInfusion Facial

This transformative facial treatment regenerates the skin with a potent, yet gentle resurfacing technology and serums formulated to boost collagen synthesis. A nanoneedle cartridge contains 81 oscillating microscopic tips that noticeably resurface and promote deep penetration of the subsequent healing botanicals. Immediate results include noticeable improvement in the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and overall tone without any recovery period.


AcuGlow™ Facial

This luxurious high-touch proprietary facial treatment fuses innovative technology with the ancient rituals of Gua Sha and facial cupping to sculpt, tone, and brighten your skin. You will experience immediate skin transformation as collagen synthesis is reactivated and lymphatic drainage depuffs and smooths. A custom choice of LED-light therapy deeply heals as it addresses specific skin goals. The extended version includes additional facial massage.



This unique treatment begins with a cleansing of your face, followed by 30 minutes of a facial therapy that includes cupping, gua sha, and hand-sculpting massage. This calming experience concludes with serums and moisturizers that will reveal your skin’s natural glow.


Rainbow LED Light Therapy

To reinforce the powerful benefits of LED light therapy offered in our facials, we have several relaxing options for you to choose from including *Refresh LED, *Night and Day, and *Rainbow LED Immersion. Please experience one of our facials that includes LED therapy before booking the reinforce options.

Rainbow LED Immersion

Schedule multiple stand-alone LED Light sessions to enhance the results of your facial.

Night and Day

Combine the benefits of our Dark Sky Lounge sound and vibrational frequency experience with Rainbow LED therapy

Refresh LED

Customizable LED therapy targets specific skin concerns through varied wavelengths of light chosen for your specific goals.
Skin is thoroughly cleansed and prepared for 15 minutes of LED therapy.
This is followed by a relaxing application of TOMA’s Bioactive Regenerating Oil. You will leave refreshed and glowing.

Specialty Offering

Picture the ear as a canvas adorned with over 200 acupressure points that hold the secrets to unlocking your inner balance. Drawing inspiration from the ancient wisdom of Chinese medicine, the artful application of Ear Seeds becomes a gateway to a world of holistic healing. These tiny treasures have the power to unlock a spectrum of common ailments, from the relentless grip of pain and elusive sleep to the ceaseless battle with weight, the throbbing rhythms of migraines, and the shadowy realms of emotional and mental well-being.

Ear Seeds

Your therapist will adorn your ear with miniature Ear Seed gems, each strategically placed to address the very heartbeat of your concern. These gleaming beacons of wellness are not just functional but a testament to elegance; they adorn your ear like nature’s jewelry, offering a continuous embrace of acupressure and relief for a span of 2 to 5 days. So, as you wear these delicate treasures, know that they are your silent partners in the symphony of your well-being.

Add on to any Velvet Treatment

Your therapist will place an Ear Seed in your chosen style on your Shen Men for overall well-being.

Elevated Ear Seeds

Select from an expanded list of conditions that can be addressed with Ear Seeds. Choose up to 4 key areas of focus.

Experiential Spaces

Velvet Spa has balanced innovative technologies with natural earthy textures into two experiential spaces that provide powerful well-being for both body and mind. You are invited to relax and meditate on your own in these grounding spaces or add them on to any spa therapy for an enhanced experience.

Dark Sky Lounge

Surrounded by the celestial night sky, prepare to experience our interactive sound lounge, an exceptional therapy to accelerate muscle recovery in a very restful way. Choose from a menu of music meditations, each created with a specific intention to address your physical and emotional needs. Sound and vibration are synchronized to tickle every cell in your body acting as an internal massage, transforming your mind and body into a calm meditative state.

O2 Soaking Bath

Immerse yourself in beautiful Japanese-style warm baths where the oxygen infused water will deeply penetrate and nurture your skin, reducing tenderness, and providing freedom of movement. Enjoy this experience after a long day of adventure or before a spa therapy letting your mind and body unwind, preparing for a restful night’s sleep. Choose from a single or couples experience. Enhance your bath experience with the healing benefits of a CBD bath truffle for $20 per person.

Aromatic O2 Soaking Bath

Enrich your bathing ritual by taking a scent journey and adding your favorite blend to your O2 Bath experience. Allow the aroma to heighten your senses while your skin is rehydrated and left feel silky smooth. Keep the remainder of your aroma wash to continue your skin refresh in your atrium and at home.

Experiential Dual

For the ultimate muscle recovery and skin renewal, indulge in an O2 Soaking Bath followed by a Dark Sky Lounge session. *To enrich your Experiential Dual, request the Aromatic O2 Soaking bath for an additional charge.

IV Infusions

Alpha Infusions has partnered with Velvet Spa to create custom designed infusion packages exclusively for Ambiente Guests. Alpha Infusions highly skilled medical team will come to you to administer your treatment, allowing you to relax in the comfort and privacy of your atrium or rooftop deck.

IV Infusions Menu

Medical Restrictions Apply

Red Rock Recovery

Perfect for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts pushing their physical limits. This infusion is designed to improve athletic recovery, rehydrate muscles, and boost energy levels.

Nature's Nomad

For the frequent flyers in need of immune support, this infusion is filled with antioxidants and nutrients you need to cleanse your body and supercharge your health.

The Aphrodite

Rekindle the beautiful intimacy you share with your significant other. The Aphrodite is filled with a powerful mixture to increase energy and blood flow to sexually stimulated areas while also improving mood and sexual interest. In the incredible place that is Ambiente, enjoy this wonderful reconnection with your loved one.

The Sedona Glow

The ultimate skin treatment, the Sedona Glow will replenish collagen, brighten your skin while also fighting fatigue and reducing muscle and joint pain, leaving you feeling refreshed and lighter.


Don’t waste an entire day trying to recover from the less than pleasant effects of last night’s fun. This relief-inducing infusion contains a mixture of hydration, anti-inflammatory, and nausea-headache-eliminating agents to quickly make your hangover disappear and re-energized for another day of adventure.

The All-Inclusive

This infusion was created for those who need a combination of the benefits the other packages offer. Whether you are feeling rundown, on the verge of being ill, or need help with focus and production, the All-Inclusive will leave you feeling recharged and ready to take on your next challenge with determination and drive.

Ambiente Makeup Services

Book one of Sedona’s leading cosmetic artists for a custom makeup consultation and application to enhance your natural beauty, tap into your inner radiance, and uplift your look for any occasion.

Radiant Beauty

Treat yourself to a full-service makeup consultation and application to create a look that aligns with your unique energy and leaves you feeling like your best self. Whether you are preparing for professional photos on the red rocks, a night out with your significant other, or want to capture the celebration that brought you here, our makeup service will leave you feeling confident and radiant.

Bridal Artistry

Congratulations on your upcoming union! Elevate your bridal experience with our master artist who will work with you to create a look that reflects your individuality and highlights your best features, while promoting a sense of calm and confidence on your special day! Watch and enjoy as your wedding day vision comes to life!

Bridesmaids, family, attendants $180 artist fee 90 minutes.

 Services are provided to you in the luxury of your atrium. 

All guests receiving services must be registered guests staying at Ambiente. 

In addition, Spa reception and concierge can provide recommendations for hair services, photographers, dinner, and dessert options for elopements, weddings, and other special occasions.

Spa Guidelines


Please arrive and check in at the Velvet Spa reception desk at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled service to relax and enjoy the multi-sensory experiences offered in the spa areas. Robes and slippers are available at the spa to use while enjoying your time at Velvet.


Please contact the spa at least 48 hours prior to your service time if you need to reschedule or cancel your spa services to avoid a 100% cancellation fee.

Service charge

To allow you to remain in a relaxed state throughout your entire spa experience, a 22% service charge will be added to your check.

We invite both Ambiente and off-property guests to enjoy the experiences available at Velvet Spa.

Contact Velvet Spa Reception to book your Sensory Spa Story

[email protected]