Sedona Wellness Tradition

To be well in body and mind, one must take time out to decompress, rest and recharge.   Sedona is an ideal place for such a retreat. It has long been a powerful place for spiritual renewal, from the Native American tribes–Sinagua, Yavapai-Apache, Hopi and Navajo who first inhabited the area–to New Agers looking for enlightenment, and today’s spa-goers who make regular pilgrimages to a Sedona wellness resort.

Just being immersed in Sedona’s fantastical landscape is enough for many visitors to feel refreshed. Hiking and mountain biking amidst red rock canyons, winding creeks, green forest and blue skies is without a doubt rejuvenating.

But beyond the physical beauty of the landscape is an intangible vibe that attracts many people who seek increased self-awareness, quantum leaps and transformation. It’s the energy vortexes…spots of swirling, healing energy believed to facilitate meditation, self-exploration, spiritual growth and creative thinking to those around it.

The entire city of Sedona was identified as an energy vortex in 1980 by psychic Page Bryant. She went on to pinpoint specific spots within Sedona that she felt radiated especially intense energy, such as Bell Rock, Airport Mesa, Saddle of Cathedral Rock, and Boynton Canyon. These and other vortexes are said to have a distinctive energy flow, and are categorized as either “upflow/masculine” (inspiring expansive thinking), “inflow/feminine” (promoting introspection) or “combination” (having multiple energies). 

Because of this aura of magnetic energy, Sedona has attracted an abundance of spiritual and metaphysical practitioners, many of whom felt an intuitive calling to come here. There is no shortage of options for personal and spiritual enrichment.

This is the place to delve into crystals, sound healing, breathwork, meditation, massage energy healing, bodywork, psychic and intuitive readings, past life regression, tarot, psychic massage, and aura reading. You can practice yoga at sunrise on an energy vortex, walk a labyrinth, meditate at a buddhist stupa, or say a prayer high atop the red rocks at a holy chapel.

People hiking in Sedona


The choices can be overwhelming for a first-time visitor, so think about your intention.  Do you want to de-stress, take a journey of self-discovery, or practice self-care? Do you need solitude, or time with your partner? Active adventures or relaxing activities?

Give yourself a treat and indulge in your own personal wellness retreat at Ambiente, a Landscape Hotel. Whether you come solo or with a partner, Ambiente is a luxuriously dreamy escape, a place to relax, be inspired and feel renewed.

Thanks to the glass-cubed structure and privacy of each Atrium accommodation, you’ll feel immersed in Sedona’s iconic landscape without even getting out of bed…just open your eyes and look out the floor-to-ceiling windows at the red rocks and evergreen forest.  Upstairs, your private rooftop deck welcomes lounging under the stars, or practice your morning yoga routine surrounded by the glowing red rocks. In-room amenities are generous–good coffee, wine, snacks, a deep soaking tub and powerful shower make this the perfect nest for alone time, reflection and self-care. There’s delicious food to be savored at the open-air restaurant, Forty1, and a hiking trail just out the door to really get you out in nature.

But first you need to slip into Velvet, Ambiente’s spa and your gateway to exploring some of Sedona’s healing practices.

Soaking baths at spa velvet


Velvet Spa Sedona, named among the best spas of 2024 by Elle magazine, is

an intimate environment where you can explore energy work, body treatments, massages, facials, sound therapy and oxygen baths in a grounding environment.

Begin with a sound and vibration-based therapy called Dark Sky Lounge. Lie down on the lounger and listen to a music meditation chosen to address your specific need or intention. Vibration is synchronized with the music, acting as an internal massage, taking you to a calm, meditative state.

Or choose to unwind by soaking in a Japanese-style tub filled with warm, oxygen-infused water. Called the O2 Soaking Bath, it is deeply relaxing and helps to re-hydrate the skin.

There’s nothing like a Swedish or deep-tissue massage to melt away tension, and Velvet offers both with the option of choosing an aroma from six unique scent blends to integrate into the treatment. An aroma can spark a memory and take us back in time; you’ll receive a vial of your chosen scent to take this particular memory home with you.

Another excellent choice at Velvet Sedona Spa is the Sacred Sedona Clay Wrap, which is especially detoxifying and leaves the skin kissably soft. The locally-sourced red clay is warmed and gently brushed all over your body. You’re cocooned and wrapped and while the nutrient-rich clay does its job absorbing toxins from the skin, the therapist massages your hands, feet and scalp.

Spa table at Velvet Spa

If you’ve never had energy work done, Sedona is the place to try it. Velvet offers reiki and cranial sacral treatments to optimize your body’s energetic flow and realign energy pathways. The Reawaken Celestial Chakra treatment combines sound healing, aromatherapy, reflexology, massage and crystals to bring your seven chakras into balance.

There are treatments designed for couples to enjoy side by side, and expectant mothers can select from “Mama to Be” treatments including gentle massages, a body polish and foot soaks.

Ambiente and the Velvet Sedona Spa are a sumptuous sanctuary for the senses, grounded in the beauty of Sedona.  Whether you are drawn to the majestic landscapes, the mystical energy, or the holistic wellness treatments, this Sedona wellness resort embraces you and makes you feel new again.


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