Our Mission

Providing a Scenic Escape

At Ambiente, our goal is to provide discerning guests seeking a scenic escape with modern, elegant accommodations in a nature-focused setting.

Our landscape hotel is the first of its kind in North America. With great respect for the land and all the creatures who roam it, our innovative, elevated design provides for minimal impact to the natural environment.

With a focus on the native splendor of Sedona, all Atriums are ideal for the minimalist seeking luxury in a natural setting. Lush, earth-tone palettes blanket each Atrium and floor-to-ceiling windows offer 180 degree views that bring the splendor of the national forest and red rock formations indoors.

Nature at ambiente

Our Promise to
Conserve and Preserve

We take conservation and environmental challenges to heart and our construction and service philosophies prove it. Incorporated into the design process of the resort is the restoration of an ancient waterway, which guests enjoy as a water feature throughout the property, while also experiencing uncompromised luxury amid the red rocks.